Church History

                                                  - The Church was Established in 1956 -

     The first services and meetings for the Central Church of Christ in Harrisonburg, Virginia  initially were held in the homes of some of the members.

     Then an opportunity became available for the Church to hold services and meetings in  an old vacant funeral home near the Court Square. This is where services and meetings  were assembled until the construction of the new facilities at the current location.

     Since 1962, in their new facilities the Church of Christ at 822 Country Club Road in  Harrisonburg, Virginia has stood strong and has helped to motivate,  and  encourage  members and the community  in the ways of the Lord.


      We are a non-denominational following of Jesus the Christ. We only use the Bible as our  basis for all things, and we do not accept man-made creeds or worship practices within our  congregation. We love all people and wish to meet everyone from the community and we  welcome visitors to the area as well. 
      What makes the Lord's Church different is that you can actually find our name in the  Bible  (Romans 16:16) and we do not discriminate against anyone, for we know that all  people need Christ and as his followers we aim to help people both see Him and Know Him  through  our actions (John 13:34-35).

     We are a people who have served in the past, are serving people now, and will continue to  serve others as we are blessed in the future!